DC Public Library Accepts Visa and MasterCard

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DC Public Library Accepts Visa and MasterCard

Starting November 1, 2010, library users will be able to pay their fines and fees with their Visa or MasterCard online by logging into their catalog account

Currently, users can continue to pay fines and fees in cash or with a check or money order.  In the next month or so, the procedures will change and cash will no longer be accepted at neighborhood libraries.

Library users can pay by check or money order at neighborhood libraries and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Library users can avoid late fines by returning books, DVDs, CDs or other library materials on time, or extending the borrowing period by visiting any library location or logging onto their catalog account

A 20-cent per day fine is assessed for every adult book or CD that is kept beyond its due date. For every day a DVD is late, a one dollar fine is assessed. There are no late fines for children’s books. Fine revenue is used to purchase new books, DVDs and CDs.
In addition to the change in the fine collection policy, library staff will no longer have access to the money boxes connected to the copy machines. Frequently Asked Questions have been developed about the change.