How to Return Georgetown Materials

Georgetown Library

How to Return Georgetown Materials

While we love for you to walk by the library and gaze at the construction from the sidewalk, the Georgetown staff has a request to make of our patrons who have been visiting the R Street branch.  Please stop returning materials in the (not yet set up) book drop and handing them to the construction workers.

This is a construction site, not a working library, and we will be unable to check your materials in until the October 18. As part of the DC Public Library, materials from Georgetown can be returned to any public library in the District.

Also, materials handed to non-library staff may be lost or misplaced before we get our system set up and will remain on your account. 

Until we reopen on October 18, you can call or visit one of the many other public libraries featured under library locations on the tool bar on the right hand side of this page.