Children's Book Review Contest

Northeast Library

Children's Book Review Contest

All children in kindergarten through eighth grade are encouraged to participate in a book review writing contest. Students in kindergarten through second grade may draw a picture as their entry, provided that picture depicts a part of the book. 

Older children should write about why they liked their book and what set it apart from other books.  Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three reviews in each grade. 

This contest is intended to encourage children to read and think critically about why they enjoy the books they read. Children can begin reading anytime and submit their reviews no later than December 1, 2010. 

Reviews can be dropped off at the Northeast Library, Children's Room, 330 7th St. N.E.


  • Any book can be used for the review as long as it is age appropriate.
  • Entries will be kept and saved at the Northeast Library.
  • All contestants will win a prize for entering the contest.
  • A panel that will evaluate each entry individually.
  • Children can be assisted by parents, librarians or teachers with the reading, but children must draw their pictures or write their reviews on their own.
Parents are encouraged to work with their children on this project. Children should demonstrate familiarity with the entire book. They should understand the broader themes of the book and, finally, they should tell readers why they might want to read the book.

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