Slovenian Folktale Night & Castles

Palisades Library

Slovenian Folktale Night & Castles

Castle craftFor the Kids Euro Festival, we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. During our Thursday night folktale stories, we tried to change things up a bit by acting out the stories.

For Slovenia, we told the legend of the Predjama castle. The mischievous knight Erazem offends the emperor of Austria. He holes himself up in his famous Predjama castle and then baffles his pursuers by tossing fresh ox meat and cherries over the castle walls.

Little did they know: Erazem was leaving his castle for supplies using a secret entrance in caves behind the castle.

Volunteers from the audience played the parts of the characters in the story...
Erazem in front of his castle           Acting out the story

And when the stories were over, everyone made a castle inspired by pictures of Slovenian castles.

  Ben with his castleMariska with her castle A unique castleAnother castle and maker
Aaron with his castle
Haley with her castle