"Let's Go, Pegasus!"

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

"Let's Go, Pegasus!"

Let’s Go, Pegasus! is based on a Greek myth.  Written for young children, the book is full of magic and adventures that capture the imagination. You cannot put it down until the last page has been turned. 

Perseus, the main character, has the difficult task of fighting Medusa for her head.  He has been told by several townspeople that if you look Medusa in the eyes, she will turn you into stone. 

This is a picture book that is easy to read, with questions at the bottom of the page to involve kids in Perseus' life or death decisions. 

Put a little Greek in your Halloween, and check out this book from your neighborhood library.  Find out if Perseus cuts off Medusa’s head to give to the king, or if he becomes another statue added to her island of stone people and animals.