Erin's Latest (and Last) Pick

West End Library

Erin's Latest (and Last) Pick

"Black and White" by Jackie Kessler and Caitlin KittredgeTwo 12-year-old girls--shy, nervous Joanie Greene and bravado-laden Callie Bradford--start their first year at the Academy. 

Several years later, two extra-humans patrol the streets of New Chicago: Jet, the heroine who hides a dark secret, and Iridium, the bank-robbing super-villain with a Robin Hood streak.

How did these two young women turn from the closest of friends to the most bitter of enemies? And in a world where shadowy corporations control the world, who is the hero, and who's the villain?

Even if you don't read comics and wouldn't normally pick up a book about superheroes, if you love action, adventure, and a touch of romance, you should give Black and White a try.  Co-authors Kessler (who writes Jet/Joanie) and Kittredge (who writes Callie/Iridium) ratchet up the suspense by shifting between past and present, drawing ever closer to the big revelations.

However, Black and White is about more than just battles and witty banter; the authors excel at creating characters who are complex and layered.  At the heart of their story are two young women trying to define themselves and their place in the world, in the face of a variety of outside forces who want to shape them to suit their purposes. Check out their story and immerse yourself in the many shades of gray in their world.

On a personal note, this will be the last edition of Erin's Latest Pick at the West End Neighborhood Library.  Look for me in the future at the Northeast Neighborhood Library, where I hope to blog about great children's books for all ages.