"Tales of the Chelsea Hotel"

Chevy Chase Library

"Tales of the Chelsea Hotel"

The Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan has given a roof to more writers, musicians, and artists than any other building on earth: Bob Dylan, Arthur Miller, Arthur C. Clarke, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Rufus Wainwright, Derek Walcott, Joseph O'Neill, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, William Dean Howells, Thomas Wolfe and too many more to list here.

In November the Chevy Chase Branch features a display of interesting "Tales of the Chelsea Hotel," with a selection of books by and about people associated with the Chelsea.  We have books by Nobel Prize-winning poet and Chelsea Hotel resident Derek Walcott, "Netherland" by Joseph O'Neill (much of which takes place in the Chelsea), "Legends of the Chelsea Hotel" by Ed Hamilton, National Book Award-winning "Just Friends" by Patti Smith, and much more.

Check out this preview of the display.

Arthur Miller with Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix