Step Aside, Turkey!

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Step Aside, Turkey!

The Great American Peanut Butter Book: a Book of Recipes, Facts, Figures, and Fun

Forget the turkey and cranberries, let’s celebrate peanut butter! That’s right peanut butter lovers, a whole month just for you, sadly overshadowed by that media maniac turkey. 

Peanut butter has a rich history behind it going back as early as 15th-century Africa, where it was used and is still used today in yummy stews. In the U.S. Civil War, soldiers were known to dine on “peanut porridge,” and we all know that in 1903, Dr. George Washington Carver began his peanut research at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

Nowadays peanut butter is one of American’s favorite foods–found in about 75% of U.S. kitchens. It is not just for PB&Js any more (although still a classic). Peanut butter is found in cookies, cakes, many fancy sauces, salads, chicken dishes ... I could go on and on.

Rejoice peanut butter lovers in the knowledge that not a day, not a week (like poor jam, June 20 to 28), but a whole month is yours!  I suggest you celebrate with one of the many peanut putter recipes available in one of the titles listed below, or better yet, spoon it right out of the jar!

Myself I am eating peanut butter cups even as I type.  So, my PB friends, when Thanksgiving rolls around, remember that despite the hype, the turkey only gets one day, while peanut butter gets a whole month!

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Tasty titles: