Benning Neighborhood Library Reuses More Than Books

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Benning Neighborhood Library Reuses More Than Books

The Benning Neighborhood Library, where reusing books occurs regularly, was honored for a different kind of recycling today. U.S. Green Building Council President Rick Fedrizzi presented the library’s architect Davis Brody Bond Aedas with the 2010 IceStone Installation Competition Grand Prize.

“The best green buildings do more than just quietly save water, energy and resources,” said Fedrizzi, who also served on the competition’s judging panel. “The best green buildings speak volumes, sharing their message with all who visit and leaving their occupants inspired. The best green buildings are teaching tools. Not only will visitors to Benning Neighborhood Library benefit physically from the VOC-free materials used; they’ll also be able to witness the environmental and health benefits of a green building in action. Where better to learn that critical lesson than a library – the very symbol of our commitment to learning?”

“The Library is proud of the great work done by our architecture team at Davis Brody Bond Aedas,” said Ginnie Cooper, chief librarian for the District of Columbia. “Their world-class library design is truly deserves this honor.” 

The contest was judged by sustainability icons including Eric Corey Freed Sven Lindblad and Fedrizzi.  Benning was selected for its total composition, including use of green materials.        
Benning is expected to receive LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The library’s green features include a vegetative green roof, solar control and daylight management systems, and water-efficient plumbing. 

Thur. Nov. 4, 2010