Doggie Diaries XVIII: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XVIII: Adventures at the Library

From Pup-a-Roo’s Diary: Wednesday November 3, 2010

I was in my glory tonight! Had my mate Quincy in the house! He looks up to me, calls me his Big Bro, though we are not actually related. We are the same breed though, both Cavaliers, and do look a lot alike, except I am much bigger and have slightly curlier hair. I have known him for a long, long time, and of course, we are both PAL dogs.

We do a lot together and yet, I never knew that he likes books as much I do! So now, in addition to playing in the park and having baths together (Yes, that’s true!), we have added library visits to our regular activities. It’s a dog’s life, I tell you!

I think my favorite book of the night was Dog Food by Saxton Freymann. I kept licking my lips…. It made me so hungry! Fortunately, Miss Julie had some yummy treats to share to tide me over. Well, it’s been fun, but I gotta run…!

Playfully yours,


Photo of Pup-a-Roo the dog and a girl at the libraryPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog reading at the library
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