Recommended Children's CDs

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Recommended Children's CDs

Lots of people have asked about the music we've had at recent Wednesday story times, so here are the CDs we've been using and a few more excellent titles! Titles in parentheses indicate the songs we've used at story time from each CD. Artists are listed in reverse-alphabetical just because it's more interesting that way! All recommendations are by Polly Ross, Children's Librarian.

Sharon, Lois and Bram, Great Big Hits and Great Big Hits 2. Canadian stars of children's music and TV in the '80s and '90s. Their CDs are more like a family party than a studio session, and are full of charming nursery rhymes, new takes on old favorites, and original songs by three very talented musicians!

Raffi, The Singable Songs Collection and Baby Beluga. You can find the story time song "Shake My Sillies Out" on The Singable Songs Collection! Raffi was the star of North America children's music all through the 1980s and part way through the '90s, and there's no one more fun. If you don't know Raffi, you've missed a lot!

Putamayo Kids, New Orleans Playground. So much fun! Best CD ever for random kid dancing--even the shyest kids will find it hard to resist these rhythms!

Peter, Paul and Mary, Peter, Paul and Mommy. A wonderful CD for all ages. I loved it when I was five, and I still love it (and listen to it often at home) more than twenty years later. Peter, Paul and Mary were always wonderful, but I think this is their best album for everyone, of any age. From a fine version of Tom Paxton's "Marvelous Toy" to the delightfully silly "Make-Believe Town" and the heartbreaking "Christmas Dinner", this is the children's album to end all!

Jose-Luis Orozco, De Colores. ("Buenos Dias"). Orozco is the premier Spanish-language children's musician in the Americas, and all of his CDs are worth a listen, many of them, including De Colores, include each song in English as well as Spanish.

Kinderman, Kindercise with Kinderman. ("Colors"). Fabulous fun to encourage literacy from a DC-area artist!

Hap Palmer, Getting to Know Myself. (Mostly) original songs designed to help children develop motor skills and, well, get to know themselves!

Greg & Steve, Kidding Around. ("Say Hello"). Lots of friendly, active fun with two of America's biggest children's music stars!