Doggie Diaries XXVI: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XXVI: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Harpo the dog close upPhoto of Harpo the dog listening to a story at the libraryPhoto of Harpo the dog in the library preparing to walk
From Harpo’s Diary: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Golly! I was almost the last PAL dog to arrive at the library tonight. I had to sniff every blade of grass between the car and the library. A fellow’s got to know what’s going on in his neighborhood and my nose knows all!

I plopped down right next to Miss Julie – the best seat in the house! I love hearing her read, and I like to get a close-up view of the pictures. She read The Dog Who belonged to No One by Amy Hest. It made me feel so lucky to have a family and whole community that loves me and takes good care of me. The story had a happy ending, and I do like happy endings. I am really just a big old softy.

I also heard Stanza by Jill Esbaum a rhyming book about a poetry writing pup. I bopped my head along to the music of the words before collapsing, all four legs up in the air, suggesting I was long overdue a belly rub. My act got the attention I was looking for… and my belly got the rubbing of its life. What a clever canine am I!

Peace and love to all!


Photo of Harpo the dog getting a belly rubPhoto of Harpo the dog on the library floorPhoto of Harpo the dog resting in the library

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