Doggie Diaries XXVIII: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XXVIII: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Harpo the dog up close at the libraryPhoto of Harpo the dog reading with a girl and her grandmother
From Harpo’s Diary: Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It was all about me tonight at the library! Not only was I the sole PAL dog but I was accompanied by my personal entourage of human family members. How lucky can a guy be?! And I was all a-flutter with excitement because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I was promised a special beef marrow bone. Yes! My fav. I am a master at using my tongue to lick out the marrow on one side of the bone, then the other side and back and forth until I can reach almost clear through the center with my tongue. It takes skill and after years of practice, I’m a pro.

After a day of chasing squirrels, romping around the neighborhood, and greeting everyone who rang the doorbell (my favorite household job!), I was ready to lounge around the library and have children read to me. I wish I could read. I try. I always study the pictures and the squiggles; however, I just can’t put it together. So I go to the library, and there are always lots of people happy to read to me, and I’m happy to listen. It’s a great arrangement.

Miss Julie kicked off the night by reading I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson. It kind of gave me indigestion. She took a vote and asked if we preferred that book or A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting. I raised my paw high in the air for that one, but I was out-voted. Next time I think I’ll raise all four paws. That should give me a leg up. Ha. Ha.

What else did I hear? Hmmm. Ah! Elmo. I do love that furry little red fellow! I heard Elmo’s Animal Adventures by Joy Bean   and I tried to join the kids and roar like a lion. What a hoot! Next I heard The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Dinner by Eileen Christelow. Not bad. And I went on lots of walks. Everyone wanted to take me for laps around the children’s room. Once, I kept on trotting right into the “Staff Only” section. Miss Julie set me straight. Phew! A fellow sure has his challenges when he can’t read!

Oh, and an interesting thing! One little boy asked how many feet long I am. Excellent question! I know I weigh 80 lbs, a bit more than the average Labradoodle, who typically weighs 55-60 lbs; however, I have no idea how long I am. Miss Julie said she was going to measure me, but I think she got distracted with her books and turkey craft and forgot. I’ll try to remind her on my next visit. I want to know how long I am.

Peace and Love,

Photo of Harpo the dog drinking water and a boy readingPhoto of Harpo the dog going for a stroll with a boy in the library

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