Doggie Diaries XXXII: Adventures of the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XXXII: Adventures of the Library

Pablo the dog at the library giving a girl a kiss
From Pablo’s Diary: Wednesday December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Pabl-O-O-O… I can still hear the music from my recent birthday celebration. I just turned six and it’s a very cool age to be. I wish I could be six forever!!

Apart from parties, I love my job at the library. I am a PAL dog and that’s mighty special. Not all dogs can be PAL dogs. I was at the top of my graduating class, a true Top Dog! And I am very proud of that.

Tonight I heard Little Red Riding Hood  by William Wegman. I enjoyed the photographs, they were very silly. Although I’m not so sure I’d like to don a red cape like the poor doggie in the book!  And, City Dog, Country Dog by Susan Stevens Crummel.

I noticed that Miss Julie seemed surprised to see me. I have a feeling she was not expecting me… though she scurried away and Ta Da! presented me with a special holiday gift. I just LOVE presents. It was a silver bone-shaped tag that said, “Pablo. Reading Specialist. Chevy Chase Library.”  I love it!! It was from Miss Julie and the Friends of the Chevy Chase Library.

Happy Wags,

Photo of Pablo the dog reading at the libraryPhoto of Pablo the dog resting

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