Doggie Diaries XXXIII: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XXXIII: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Leo the dog close up at the libraryPhoto of Leo the dog listening to stories at the library
From Leo’s Diary: Wednesday December 8, 2010

What an exciting week! In my home, we celebrate Hanukkah. And each day this week, after we light the candles on the menorah, we all get one little present. Even me! I get so excited when I hear the rumpling of the packages, that I start to drool! Today I got a bone. A BIG bone! It was just what I always wanted. And lucky me, I got two presents today!! Miss Julie surprised me at the library tonight with a special holiday treat and, of course, once I heard the jingle, jingle of the package, my eyes and ears went straight to the tiny box in Miss Julie’s hands. She opened it for me because, it’s true, I can be all paws when it comes to dealing with dainty things. Inside was another bone. This one was a decoration bone, not the chewing sort. It had my name on it; LEO, and my job title; READING SPECIALIST. That was very sweet of Miss Julie (and the Friends of the Chevy Chase Library ). I’d call this a two bone day!

There were only two PAL  dogs in the library tonight, so I really had to have my listening ears on. I heard many stories, between pats, walks, snoozes, massages, and yoga stretches. One of my favorites was Let’s Count Goats!  by Mem Fox. It’s brand-new so I was one of the first dogs in Washington, DC to hear the story! I also heard The Artist and the Architect  by Demi and My Mother’s House, My Father’s House  by C.B. Christiansen.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Go Blue!
Photo of Leo the dog relaxing at the library listening to a family read a storyPhoto of Leo the dog at the library listening carefully to a boy and his father read a bookPhoto of Leo the dog with a boy reading

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