New Year, New You!

Takoma Park Library

New Year, New You!

Tired of clutter at home or work?  Need more room for all that stuff?

Join us at the Takoma Park Neighborhood Library on Thursday, January 13, at 7 p.m. for a free seminar on getting and staying organized. Organizing gurus (and Takoma residents!) Tamara Belden and Judy Tiger will offer tips on taming the clutter in our lives.

A lifelong organizer and experienced public speaker, Tammy Belden has developed her own annual plan for getting organized: “Sherman’s March” (as in General Sherman’s march to the sea in the Civil War).  Every year, in January, she begins her annual effort and by mid-March, she’s pretty much done until the next year. Tammy will be happy to share her plan of attack and give you some tips for personalizing it to your own personality and situation. Tammy Belden has lived in Washington for over 35 years and in the Takoma neighborhood for the past several years. She retired from the Library of Congress after 30 years and is currently a consultant at the library as well as a licensed Washington, D.C., tour guide. 

In 2006, Judy Tiger, a longtime resident of Takoma, D.C., launched Just That Simple, a home & office organizing and move-preparation business, after successfully coming to the aid of a small apartment-based gift business. Supplies and merchandise were taking over the tiny one-bedroom apartment, causing the resident/owner considerable stress and provoking thoughts of moving to a larger place. With a bit of creative organizing, balance was restored. The business and "home life" were once again able to co-exist calmly. 

It was "just that simple," says Tiger, and a business was born. Since then, Just That Simple has worked with clients throughout the D.C. metro area, in settings ranging from small offices and studio apartments to large multi-bedroom homes. Tiger helps clients with "all stuff in all rooms" whether little jobs (one pile of papers or a closet in one visit) or big jobs (organizing everything in a five-bedroom house over many months in preparation for a move to a two-bedroom apartment).  She has helped clients ages 8 to 85 make decisions regarding what to keep and what not to keep. She helps find places to put everything away and offers a routine for staying organized. Just That Simple is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. All services are personalized, soothing, nonjudgmental and completely confidential.

Attend our organizing program on Thursday, January 13. at 7 p.m., and take home tips to declutter and organize your home so it can be a source of comfort instead of chaos. Light refreshments will be served.

The Takoma Park Neighborhood Library is located at 416 Cedar St. N.W., Washington, DC 20012 (corner of 5th and Cedar) and is just two blocks from the Takoma Metro station. Please call 202-576-7252 for more information about this or any of our programs.