Winners of the 2009 Teen Summer Reading Program

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Winners of the 2009 Teen Summer Reading Program

Express Yourself @ Your Library Summer Reading Program Celebrates Teen Readers

The Express Yourself @ Your Library DCPL’s teen summer reading program is comprised of three parts: a reading component, writing book reviews, and special programs or workshops.  The reading component has graduated levels in which teens are encouraged to read at least six books and keep a log of what of they have read. For every two books read, a teen earns an incentive. 

Teens were encouraged to submit a book review of a book that they felt most affected them.  At the end of the summer, a panel of judges chose the best reviews and winners received the following prizes:

Grand Prize - 1 Dell Laptop Computer
First Place Prizes - 4 Mini Laptops
Second Place Prizes - 11 Mini Camcorders

Grand Prize Winner
Prize: Dell Laptop computer
C. Dohawk

First Place Prize Winners
Prize: Mini laptops
H. Ajayi
E. Monroe
A. Esteves
H. Randolph

Second Place Prize Winners     
Prize: Mini Camcorders
P. Liverpool
G Dohawk
J. Williams
C. Harvey
C. Jeppson
J. Davis
A, Calhoun
S. Brew
C. Wattanodom
D. Tate
I. Bangura