Doggie Diaries XLVI: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLVI: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Fenway the dog at the libraryPhoto of Fenway the dog reading at the library
From Fenway’s Diary: Wednesday January 5, 2011

What’s up? It’s Fenway. I’m a 3 ½ year old C.K.C.S. (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). Did you know that there four types of C.K.C.S.? I am the one called Blenheim because of my white color with chestnut markings. Oh -- and here’s a bit of history for you! Blenheim is the name of a fancy palace in England. You can see a picture of it on the cover of this adult book Blenheim and the Churchill Family: A Personal Portrait by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill . John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough raised many C.K.C.S. like me at the castle. So that’s how we got our name. Cool, huh? My best PAL  pal, Pup-a-Roo, is a different type of C.K.C.S. Check out his latest diary to find out what kind he is!

I was born in Iowa. And, between you and me, it’s not the most interesting place in the world.  See for yourself in this book Iowa by Jill Wheeler  . I am a shaker and mover so I moved to Washington, DC! It’s magical. See for yourself in this book Washington, DC  by Deborah Kent .

Speaking of books, I hear some spectacular stories at the library tonight. I love, love, LOVED I Got Two Dogs  by John Lithgow. My Big Dog  by Janet Stevens was fun. And, The Stray Dog  by Marc Simont was an exciting story with a happy ending and I do love happy endings.

Well, I am a bit sleep after today’s excitement at the library. My eyes are closing.

Go Red Sox!

Photo of Fenway the dog listening to a boy readPhoto of Fenway the dog sleepy at the library
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