Doggie Diaries XLV: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLV: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Pup-a-Roo the dog up close and smilingPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog reading a the library
From Pup-a-Roo’s Diary: Wednesday January 5, 2011

So many faces, so little time… to kiss, kiss, kiss. That is my new motto! And, fortunately there are lots of people to kiss at the library.

My PAL  pal Fenway informed you that he was a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (C.K.C.S.).  I am a different type of C.K.C.S. known as a Tricolor. I am black and white with tan markings. Tricolored C.K.C.S.’s are also referred to as "Prince Charles" spaniels. I am a bit of a history buff and I like to read about my ancestry. Did you know that Prince William is the son of the Prince Charles? You can read more about him in this great book called Prince William: W.O.W. William of Wales  by Elaine Landau.

Two more things that you might not know about me are:
  1. I was born in the great state of Texas (Note: You can learn many interesting facts about my home state in the book Texas  by Jim Ollhoff).
  2. I am a rather accomplished dancer. I have tried almost all styles of dance except for tap. I would love to try it. I think it’s fascinating. I feel the music in my bones! Rap a tap tap: Here’s Bojangles, think of that  by Leo Dillon makes me want to rap a tap tap all day long.

When I wasn’t kissing the kids at the library, I was listening to them read. Some of my favorite books of the night were:

Until the next time!

Photo of Pup-a-Roo the dog reading with a family at the libraryPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog sharing books with some girlsPhoto of Pup-a-Roo the dog happy at the library

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