Ariba Supplier Network Fee Requirement

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Ariba Supplier Network Fee Requirement

The District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) currently utilizes the District of Columbia Procurement Acquisition Support System (PASS).  PASS is supported by the ARIBA Supplier Network (ASN).  ASN supports the compulsory e-sourcing and e-invoicing modules in PASS.

To be issued a Purchase Order, a business must be registered with ASN.  Since 2004, the District of Columbia Government has subsidized the associated fees for the use of PASS on behalf of its vendors.  Effective immediately, the District of Columbia Government has determined that it will no longer subsidize ASN fees for non-District Certified Business Enterprises (Non-CBEs).  

Non-CBEs will receive a bill/invoice from ARIBA if the following applies: 1) Vendor is in receipt of at least five (5) purchase orders and invoice documents that have been processed for the prior calendar year and 2) The actual transaction value (defined as the value of the business transaction over the ARIBA network) is equal or greater than $50,000.00.

The aggregate amount of the ARIBA bill will be determined by the following: a) 0.155% of qualifying transactions or 15.5 cents per 100 USD Purchase Order and b) An ARIBA integration fee of $495.00 and c) Additional costs for use of ARIBA optional tools.

The following ARIBA Supplier Network Link should be engaged for further questions regarding the ASN fee:,,109705,00.html

Vendors/and or Contractors are being apprised of this requirement and should take appropriate action.