Doggie Diaries XLIX: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLIX: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Albie the dogPhoto of Albie the dog and a girl reading at the library
From Albie’s Diary: Wednesday January 12, 2011

Happy New Year! My name is Albie and this is my first Doggie Diary. I came to the library once before to volunteer on behalf of PAL, however Miss Julie was vacation.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Virginia Beach, VA and I was tiny, tiny, tiny… very tiny. I was born sometime around Memorial Day (Note: If you’d like to learn more about this holiday, then check out Memorial Day by Christin Ditchfield). On my next birthday, I will turn three and I am going to have a Doggie Party and we’re going to have “Pupcakes” (instead of cupcakes because dogs cannot have all of the same treats as humans). I hope mine will be as beautiful and delicious-looking as the ones on the cover of Hello, Cupcake!  by Karen Tack. Come to think of it, I should probably take matters into my own paws and check out A Little Recipe Book for Dogs  by Jaroslav Weigel or Natural Food Recipes for Healthy Dogs  by Carol Boyle. I believe in thoughtfully planned parties and a fellow only turns three once!

I am a bit of a bookworm, or I guess you’d call me a book-dog as I look nothing like the critters in Wormology  by Michael Elsohn Ross! I heard several stories at the library tonight. Some of my favorites were: Zoomer  by Ned Young, Harry gets lost in Seattle  by John Skewes, and Some Dog!  by Mary Casanova.

I’ll write more soon. I have to nip out now, I have an appointment with the groomer. It’s a quick procedure, I only get my ears and paws trimmed, not the complete overhaul like Harpo, however I mustn’t be late.

Your friend,

Photo of Albie the dog and a girl and her father reading at the libraryPhoto of Albie the dog reading with a girl and her Mom at the library
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