DC Public Library Services and Facilities: A Framework for Continuing Success

DC Public Library Services and Facilities: A Framework for Continuing Success

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The DC Public Library is well on its way to revitalizing the District's libraries by building and renovating 13 libraries across the city and upgrading many more. As new libraries are opening, we have turned our attention to examining the future of library services and facilities.

Library staff, working with the D.C. Office of Planning and library consultants, have developed the following draft library services and facilities report that:

  • Summarizes the current state of library services and facilities;
  • Reviews how well those services and facilities meet the needs of the public; and
  • Provides projections of future trends and how these trends affect library service.

This draft report was discussed at the February 2011 board meeting and received valuable public input.  You can also provide input on the recommendations through a survey on this website.

DC Public Library Services and Facilities:
A Framework for Continuing Success Draft Report

Executive Summary
A brief overview of the report and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.

Recommendations for the future of library services and facilities from the Library Board to the Mayor and City Council.

Full Report (organized by sections)

I.  Transforming DC Public Library for the 21st Century: A Process Well Underway
In a new and ever-changing world of information, DC Public Library plays an increasingly vital role in the lives of those who live and work in the District of Columbia; and its importance as a place where people can meet and communities can grow and thrive continues to evolve. Library services have expanded and improved. More access to technology. Library facilities have improved in much of the system. Read more...

II.  Library Services in the 21st Century: The Same Mission, New Methods and Tools
This section highlights some of the current and evolving trends in library services. Library focus more on people, not just "stuff." Libraries help create and sustain healthy communities. Libraries are family-friendly destinations. Libraries provide access to digital technology--tools, training and information. Libraries contribute to a healthy economy. Read more...

III.  A "Great, Good Place" for the 21st Century
What does a world-class library look like in the 21st century? Data tells us that library buildings need to be built where people are, not just "where they sleep." Libraries need to invite and encourage exploration. They need to provide the public with access to technology, and they need to be flexible enough to accommodate future uses. Read more...

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