Doggie Diaries XLXI: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLXI: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Happy the dog up closePhoto of Happy the dog settling in at the library

From Happy’s Diary: Wednesday January 19, 2011

Hello. It’s Happy (although, I felt more frazzled than happy when I arrived at the library on Wednesday). I was late and I like to be punctual. And I missed Miss Hedda’s show and tell about dogs and their jobs. And I missed Miss Julie read Officer Buckle and Gloria  by Peggy Rathmann. The other PAL  dogs were already there so I slipped in quietly just as it was time for the families to take turn reading to the dogs. Fortunately I didn’t miss that part!   

I heard lots of stories, read with great expression. The children are always so considerate and make sure to turn the pictures so that I can see them. I appreciate that. Here are some of my favorite books of the night; Dog for a Day  by Dick Gackenbach, Larry Gets Lost in Seattle  by John Skewes, William Wegman’s Farm Days by William Wegman,  and Puppy  by Mark Evans.

As you know, I LOVE jokes. So, after listening to some stories, I strolled around the library to find the JUV 818 section. It’s in the nonfiction area of the children’s room and there are lots of joke books there. Jackpot! I needed to freshen up my joke repertoire. Here, let me try some new jokes on you, OK? Ready?!

          Why do fire trucks have dogs on them…?
               To help find the fire hydrant!

Hee. Hee! Like it? I found that one in the Best Joke Book Ever  by Charles Keller. OK. OK. Here’s one more:

          What was the secret agent dog’s code name…?

Arf. Arf. Arf!! I found that one in this oldie but goodie called In the Doghouse!: Jokes about Dogs  by Sharon Friedman.

Thanks for being good sports and thanks for helping me find my ‘happy’ again…

Smiles from a happy dog!

Photo of Happy the dog reading with a family at the libraryPhoto of Happy the dog reading with another family at the library

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