Doggie Diaries XLXII: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLXII: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Leo the dog close upPhoto of Leo the dog listening to stories at the library

From Leo’s Diary: Wednesday January 19, 2011

Well, golly… What a night! Usually I come with the missus but tonight I came with the mister. It was his first time so I really had to lead him around and show him the ropes. He shared all sorts of details about me. Some things were a bit embarrassing (like… my “identity issues” and my polar bear wannabe escapades.  Yikes! Some things are just not meant for sharing!), and then, some things were kind of interesting (like… Leo is a Leo. Apparently, my birthday is August 3, which means my Zodiac sign is Leo. I found this very curious, so I slipped away and it looked it up in What’s your Sign?: A Cosmic Guide for Young Astrologers   by Madalyn Aslan. I found out that Leos are loyal and confident. We have a zest for life and a warm spirit. We prefer to not be alone. Well, no wonder I make such an exceptional PAL dog! I was made for this job! Then, I read on to discover that Amelia Earhart and Harry Potter are also Leos. Cool!).

Some of the books I heard tonight, I’ve heard before. Sometimes a fellow enjoys re-experiencing something he really enjoyed the first time. I get such a kick out of Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis  by Dav Pilkey. It’s hilarious. I’ve also heard Dogs don’t do Ballet   by Anna Kemp before but I really, really, really like it. The same may be true for The Puppy Twins (a Dora the Explorer book)  by Sarah Willson and How to be a Good Dog  by Gail Page. My absolute favorite book of the night was I got two dogs  by John Lithgow. What a hoot. It’s like a song-and-a-book and book-and-a-song all in one. What a treat! I sang a little in my head but not out loud. I liked the Ooooo-oooo-oooh parts.

All in all, it was another fine evening at the library. Stories, walks, treats, belly rubs, back scratches, and lots and lots of love and company. What more could a Leo want?!

Go Blue!

Photo of Leo the dog listening to a girl and her father readPhoto of a boy reading to Leo the dogPhoto of Leo the dog and his new friend Susie the dog

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