Doggie Diaries XLXIV: Adventures at the Library

Chevy Chase Library

Doggie Diaries XLXIV: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Gus the dogPhoto of Gus the dog reading with a family
From Gus’ Diary: Wednesday February 2, 2011

Greetings! I’m Gus. I am a three year old, 110lb Bernese mountain dog. Tonight was my first time at the Chevy Chase Library and I am officially the BIGGEST PAL dog to visit.

Boy oh boy oh boy… the library was aflutter with activity, such fun and excitement to experience.  I wanted to put my nose in the middle of it all. My smell sensory worked double-time or maybe it was triple-time! The combination of children and books make the most delicious blend of scents.  

I think my favorite books of the night were: Chalk & Cheese by Tim Warnes and I Got Two Dogs   by John Lithgow.  Of course, it wouldn’t be right for me to tell you who my favorite children were… although I did make sure to give those special few some extra sloppy slurps, or love licks as I like to call them.

At some point I should share with Miss Julie all the cool Bernese mountain dog books I have in my personal library collection. She may want to get some for the library. I happened to notice on my walks around the library that the dog section (JUV 636) was slim on my breed books. Or, I suppose I could ask one of my feeders to submit a Request to Order form  on my behalf.

Well, it’s time to go for a walk. Gotta go!

Good day,

Photo of Gus and a boy at the libraryPhoto of Gus the dog at the library

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