Public Computers and Printing

Public Computers and Printing

The DC Public Library (DCPL) provides computers to patrons on a walk-in, first-come first-served basis.

Each patron must use his/her own library card to reserve a computer. Use of another person’s card number is not allowed.

Each customer is allowed up to two (2) sessions per day throughout the DCPL system. Computers in the adults, children’s and teen areas are set for 70-minute sessions. If there is no one waiting, session lengths are automatically extended. Use of the 15-minute express stations does not count against the daily session limit.

For more information, visit our Computer Use Guidelines.

Printouts are provided at the following rates:
  • 15 cents for black and white
  • 35 cents for color

If you are looking for information on computer classes offered by the Library, please visit the Computer Classes page.