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With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, you can smell the romance is in the air. Or is that the scent of magic?  A good place to find the answer will be in the supernatural stories of Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor.  If you would like to learn more about the short stories in this book, please read the review below.

In three supernatural stories, Taylor examines how a first kiss can have unexpected consequences in the life of a girl, as well as those around her.  In Goblin Fruit, Kizzy is desperate to be popular and liked by a boy despite her place on the fringes of high school society.   When the cute new boy starts paying attention to her, she ignores a lifetime of family lore to be with him, even though it may cost her soul. In Spicy Little Curses Such As These, deals between a demon and the Ambassador to Hell results in a girl cursed to never speak because her voice can kill.  But when a charming British soldier starts to court her, she can’t help but think about breaking her promise.  And in Hatchling, Esme has lived all her life with her eccentric mother, an escaped pet of the soulless immortal Druj.  But when the Druj finally catch up to her and start their hunt, she finds there may be more to her birth than she ever thought, for it could lead to the salvation of the soulless race.

Each of these stories has their good and bad points, and will appeal to different type of readers.  Goblin Fruit is the shortest, and its relatively contemporary setting will greatly appeal to teen readers.  The greatest story of true love is Spicy Little Curses.  The characters are fully developed, and the plot is filled with action in addition to the romance elements.  Last but not least, the most involved story is Hatchling.  It is bogged down by many flashbacks explaining the Druj and the history of the characters, but also has a lot of action elements in its plot and a great setting.  This is a good novel to appeal to reluctant teen readers, especially teen girls looking for any titles in the paranormal romance genre.

Lips Touch Three Times is recommended for mid- to late teen readers. It is available at Northeast Library and other branch libraries in the DC Public Library system.  Whet your appetite for romance by checking it out today!!!

--by Brandon Digwood