The Washington Chorus Presents Elena Ruehr

Takoma Park Library

The Washington Chorus Presents Elena Ruehr

Join us at the library for a special opportunity to hear widely aclaimed composer Elena Ruehr, Professor of Music and winner of the Baker Undergraduate Teaching Award at MIT.  Professor Ruehr is dedicated to bringing the arts to students of all ages.  Check out her bio at

Composer Elena Ruehr

Ruehr will speak at the Southeast Branch Library on Thursday, March 10 @ 7 pm, and again at the Takoma Park Branch Library on Saturday, March 12 @ 2 pm.  Ruehr will lecture on Gospel Cha-Cha, her composition of a Langston Hughes poem. This poem explores the African diaspora, referencing historical, cultural, religious and iconic figures from Africa, Haiti, South America and the American South in a celebration of and an elegy to endurance.

The Washington Chorus will be performing some of Ruehr's works, including Gospel Cha-Cha, at the National Presbyterian Church on Sunday, April 3 @ 5 pm.  A limited number of free tickets to the concert  will be made available to attendees of her lectures at the library.
To RSVP, contact Heather at the Takoma Park Branch @ 202-576-7252. For more information, contact The Washington Chorus @ 202-342-6221 or