Bats at the Library!

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Bats at the Library!

Bats at the libraryAt today's story time we read Bats at the Library by Brian Lies. Afterward we made little felt bats to hang around the children's room and to take home.

If you want to make a felt bat of your very own it's super simple to do. All you need is

    * A piece of felt
    * A pipe cleaner
    * A pair of scissors &
    * A piece of string

First cut your felt into a rectangle.

Then clip out the triangles shown in the illustration below.

Bat Shape

Then cut four small holes where the straight lines are in the middle of the wings and on each side of the bat body.

Next, take your pipe cleaner and thread it through the holes in and out of the wings and the body of the bat.

Bat FlyingFold the loose ends of the pipe cleaner into the middle of your bat and clip the loose ends onto the center support of the bat body.

Now bend your pipe cleaner to shape the bat wings like your bat is flying.

Finally, put a string onto the pipe cleaner in the middle of the body so your bat can fly.

And there you have it. Bats at the library!