Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Takoma Park Library

Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Ella the dog at the libraryPhoto of Ella the dog reading with a girl

From Ella’s Diary: Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bonjour mes amis! My name is Ella, and I am between five and six years old. I was adopted from the Washington Animal Rescue League, and life has been grand since. I am extremely good natured and j’adore a good scratch, scratch, scratch! I got all dolled up to go to the library. I put on my purple PAL vest, and I puffed up the woolly tuft of hair on my head. I was ready to read!

What a thrill to discover that the inspiration behind Miss Julie’s craft tonight was none other than… Moi! That’s right… Me! Ella. Purple prancing poodles was the craft du jour. I took mental notes so that I could duplicate the project at home. It looked like great fun. My scribe kindly noted the supplies I would need. They are:
  • 1 large tongue depressor (festively covered with purple masking tape)
  • 1 poodle image mounted on card stock or poster board (for extra support)
  • 1 handful of fiberfill
  • 1 purple magic marker
  • 1 googly eye
  • 1 handful of purple tissue paper (or crepe paper) cut into tiny ½” squares
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue
And here’s what to do:
  1. Glue the poodle image to the poster board, and cut it out.
  2. Color the fiberfill with the purple marker until it’s a vibrant color purple.
  3. Glue the purple fiberfill to select parts of the poodle’s body (tail tip, tuft on head, middle section).
  4. Make small balls with the purple tissue paper and glue them to the remaining parts of the poodle’s body.
  5. Add an eyeball.
  6. Make it uniquely yours with whatever great ideas you have.
  7. Glue the tongue depressor to the poodle body (to make a handle).
  8. Play with and enjoy your purple, prancing poodle and think of moi.
My long lashes started to close after all the bedtime stories I heard at the library tonight. I turned into a very sleepy girl after the Bookshop Dog by Cynthia Rylant, My Big Dog by Janet Stevens,
My Jack by Iza Trapani, and Bad Dog Marley! by John Grogan.

Au revoir mes amis!

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Photo of Ella the dog reading and relaxing at the libraryPhoto of Purple Prancing Poodle craft