The Power of Skype

Northeast Library

The Power of Skype

The Internet video/telephone service Skype does more than connect people around the world; it can also enable exciting learning experiences for local teens.

Last fall, when Northeast Library Associate Erin Bush won a free Skype chat with teen author Mitali Perkins, she immediately thought of her collaborative partner Sharon Vollin, school librarian at the School Without Walls (SWW). 

Bush and Vollin arranged for a class of international students attending SWW to read Perkins' latest novel, Bamboo People, which traces the parallel journeys of two teens caught up in the conflict in Myanmar. 

On February 8, the class joined Perkins for a live Skype chat.  Perkins shared about her writing process and about the inspirations for Bamboo People, while the students asked many insightful questions about the book.  Everyone had a great time, and Perkins later featured thank-you notes from the students on her blog, Mitali's Fire Escape.

Bush and Vollin hope to do more Skype chats with authors in the future!