How to: Gardening and Home Decor

Lamond-Riggs Library

How to: Gardening and Home Decor

picture of flowerHave a green thumb, or wish you had a green thumb? 

The library has books for the beginner gardener (as in, what end of the plant goes in the soil?) to the master gardener (as in, I’m thinking of cross-pollinating my prize-winning roses). There are also plenty of books for the rest of us in-between, with questions about soil, sunlight and the best time to water and plant.

Gardening not your thing for spring? But you spend a lot of time watching and wishing you could do what you see on the home decorating shows? Maybe you can!

Once again the library is the place to go, whether a beginner or an expert interior designer. Learn how to hang wallpaper, paint a border, build a deck (okay, maybe not build a deck, but possibly planter boxes). If you can think it, we probably have a book about how to do it (decorating I mean).

So if you’re interested in gardening or decorating or maybe even decorating with a garden theme, stop by the Lamond-Riggs Library, and check out our "how-to" displays on gardening and home décor.