Recent Picture Books in the Children's Room

Northeast Library

Recent Picture Books in the Children's Room

Here at the Northeast Neighborhood Library, we've been receiving lots of new titles in the children's room. 

In an earlier post, we shared some new chapter books and nonfiction titles. Now it's time to present some of the new picture books.

Here are three wonderful wordless or nearly wordless picture books we've received recently.  The beauty of wordless books is that you and your child can customize the story-telling experience--you can make up a different version every time, or encourage your child to tell his or her own story using the pictures.

book cover showing four men and a walrus sitting at a lunch counterWhere's Walrus? by Stephen Savage.  In this charming book, a walrus escapes from the zoo and decides to explore New York City. Meanwhile, a police officer attempts to recapture him.  The retro, 1950s-style paintings show the walrus hiding in different locations, from a lunch counter to the ballet.  Adult readers may also notice that the title is a pun on the popular series of Where's Waldo? novelty puzzle books.         
picture of flying horse above book titleThe Silver Pony by Lynd Ward. Wordless books aren't just for the very young.  Older children, especially art-lovers, will revel in this title, which contains more than 100 pages of paintings, telling the story of a lonely farm boy who is whisked away from his everyday existence by a flying horse. This title was originally published in 1973; it was difficult to find for many years, and is now available in this lovely paperback edition.   
book cover that has a little boy in a baseball cap sitting on top of the big white letters of the title "the boys"       

The Boys by Jeff Newman. In this new title, the only words are the days of the week. On Monday, a little boy goes to the park, but he's too shy to join in the games the other children are playing. Instead, he sits on the park benches with a group of old men. As the days of the week pass, the old men try several different ways of helping the little boy gain confidence.  Will they succeed?