Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Takoma Park Library

Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

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From Buster’s Diary: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I strutted into the library wearing my blue Snuggie tonight. I was ready to snuggle in and listen to stories. I love books. I have a small library at home, mostly a bit of this and that. The selection at the Takoma Park Library is huge by comparison.

I heard some great books: Not Afraid of Dogs by Susanna Pitzer and Domino by Claire Masurel. I like to get really close so that I can see the pictures. David Walker illustrated Domino, and Larry Day illustrated Not Afraid of Dogs. Day has illustrated lots of books. I hope the next time I visit the library someone will read George Did It  by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain or Colonial Voices: Here Them Speak by Kay Winters so that I can see more of his pictures.

I appreciate art of all kinds. I am not much of an artist myself. I dabble in paw-painting now and then. With help I think I may try to make one of the Playful Puppy craft projects that Miss Julie showed the kids how to make tonight. They looked adorable.

Playful Puppy Craft
•    One puppy image (divided into three pieces; body, front legs and hind legs)
•    Two brads or paper fasteners
•    Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
•    Card stock or heavy weight paper
•    Scissors
•    Paper puncher
•    Stick glue

1.    Color the puppy parts (body, front legs, and hind legs).
2.    Glue the parts to card stock (for extra support).
3.    Cut out the puppy parts.
4.    Line up the hind legs, and punch a hole through the legs and body.
5.    Fasten with a brad to make the legs movable.
6.    Line up the front legs, and punch a hole through the legs and body.
7.    Fasten with a brad to make the legs movable.
8.    Play with the playful puppy; make him run or dance or sit or whatever!

You know… I was the youngest PAL dog at the library tonight. I am five, and it is way past my bedtime. My eyelids are getting very, very heavy. G’Night. 


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Photo of Buster the dog listening to a storyPhoto of Playful Puppy Craft