2011 Haiku Contest Winners

Cleveland Park Library

2011 Haiku Contest Winners

In celebration of National Poetry Month and the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library is pleased to announce the winners of our 2011 Haiku Contest.

So many wonderful poems were submitted that we had a difficult time choosing our favorites.   Once again, we had a tie in the adult category!   Here is the first, which truly touches the heart:

     I've pictures of you.
     Eyes closed, I still see your face.
     Sad, your voice is lost.
                    -- Laura Berney

Our second winner in the adult category follows winter into spring:

     A lone snowflake melts
     as jonquils blossom golden
     in the morning sun.
                   -- L. Martin   

And finally, the 2011 winner in the children's category:

     Rest beneath their shade
     Hear them swish in a cool breeze
     Our cherry blossoms
                      -- Emma K.   

Congratulations to the winners, with appreciation to all who participated, and many thanks to the Friends of the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library for sponsoring this event!     

(No teen submissions were entered this year… Are you ready to get creative in 2012?)