Poop, Pee and Everything in Between

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Poop, Pee and Everything in Between

Adam, my husband, and I have begun toilet training our 17-month-old daughter.

Training began on April 2 after a painful case of diaper rash.  I was compelled to take off Isabella's diaper and let her run around the house free from the confines of the diaper.  I heard Adam calling, "It smells like poop, Bella did you poop?" Of course this is not an irregular conversation at a house with a baby/toddler. Before I was able to fully comprehend the situation, Adam began frantically calling, "There's poop in the living room,"  "there's poop in the hall," "there's poop everywhere!" Standing in front of me was my husband, shaken and bewildered, looking at our white carpet stained with streaks of brown and specks of undigested carrots.  I thought the situation oddly hilarious, and I had to stifle a giggle (it would only make matters worse) and had to calm down Adam, find Bella and wipe a dirty butt.

This was the start of our toilet training.  Later that week, Bella started to say with enthusiasm "Poop! Poop! Poop!" and there was poop. It was an amazing thing--she now realized that she pooped! A few days later, she said her second phrase: "I poop"  (Her first phrase was "more bubbles.") 

I have been waiting for the day she wants to poop in the toilet. I ran to Target to buy Pull-ups. Unfortunately, she hates them.  She also hates the diaper, now.  Adam hates stains on the carpet.  I love the idea of having a toilet-trained daughter and soon expect to know the locations of the all public bathrooms in the Georgetown & Palisades areas.   

Great resources to consult :
Johnsons potty training

Johnson's Potty Training by Tracey Godridge

Keys to Toilet Training by Meg Zweiback

Mommy I Have to go Potty!: A Parent's Guide to Toilet Training  by Jan Faull, M. Ed.

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-bye to Diapers by Elizabeth Pantley

The Playskool Guide to Potty Training the Best Strategies, Essential Information, and Practical Advice for Your Toddler's Potty Success  by Karen Deerwester,

Toilet Training: A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training by Vicki Lansky

Toilet learning the picture book technique for children and parents by Alison Mack