Audiobook Picks

Parklands-Turner Library

Audiobook Picks

Need an incentive to complete that cleaning project you began this spring, or are you tired of listening to the same radio broadcast daily as you drive to and from work?  Try audiobooks.  Following are titles that just may help you finish your spring cleaning or get you through the next traffic jam:

Andrews, Helena. Bitch Is the New Black.  This addictive memoir explores the roller coaster of being educated and single while trying to become an "actual adult" and find love.  A film adaptation is in the works.

Garwood, Julie. Sizzle.  Lyra Prescott witnesses a crime, a rash of mysterious incidents and is trapped in a scenario headed for a violent ending.  She turns to her best friend Sidney Buchanan, who introduces Lyra  to the very handsome FBI agent Sam Kincaid, who leads Lyra through a documentary she is writing that is  transformed into a real-life horror film.

Levitt, Steven D. and Stephen J. Dubner. Super Freakonomics; Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance. Read by Stephen J. Dubner.

Turner, Nikki. Relape.  Read by Bahni Turpin, this is another tale from the bestselling author of Ghetto Superstar.

Williams, Venus.  Come to Win: business leaders, artists, doctors and other visionaries on how sports can help you in your profession.