Poetry Contest Winners

Palisades Library

Poetry Contest Winners

Palisades Neighborhood Library is proud to announce the 2011 winners of the Annual Poetry Contest. The first-place winners, Celeste and Claire, will receive a blank book and a quill pen as prizes. Those who won Honorable Mentions, Nicholas, Grace and Anu, will be given a blank book.

Below are their wonderful poems. It was a tough decision this year, with many stunning poems. We feel that the winners used creative word choices and interesting images in their poetry.

Thank you to all who participated this year.

Ages 5-7

 1st Place - Shape Poem

The egg starts cracking and a new baby chick is pecking.
(Poem is written in multicolored ink, and the text makes the shape of an egg around a drawing of a chick in the center.)

--Celeste, Age 5

Honorable Mention - Pegasus

What is Pegasus
at best
It's a horse
but dressed
with wings and things

--Nicholas, Age 7


Ages 8-9

1st Place - I Love Doughnuts

The food is so sweet
it's good to eat.

 But the doughnut is so round
it looks like it's always upside down.

 They taste so good from in to out
I feel like I need to shout

--by Claire, age 8


Honorable Mention - Stars

Stars are just balls of light to some people
But to me they are points on a map in the black sky
I'm dazed when I look at them for I know their wonderful history,
200 years ago they helped slaves from foul imprisonment
I love stars because they make my heart burn bright.

--Grace, Age 8


Honorable Mention - Dolphin

Her back glitters
in the sun.
She's covered in water,
the gift of the waves.
She jumps, as graceful as
a butterfly flying
a swan swimming
an acrobat hanging
an antelope sprinting
and then as though
she just took the
crown for queen of the sea,
she jumps and dances
away in the horizon,
to give birth to a
gift, given by the sea.
She gives back to the sea
by letting the calf be
a queen to now give
more joy to the sea
than ever before.

--Anu, Age 8