"The Cruisers"

Palisades Library

"The Cruisers"

The Cruisers

To honor the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Palisades Library will read and discuss Walter Dean Myers book The Cruisers.  

Recommended for audiences ages 10 and up. 

Check out a copy of the book at the Children's Room Reference Desk. 

About the Book:
Zander Scott and his friends LaShonda, Bobbi and Kambui are in trouble. Even though they’re students with a talent for writing and creative expression at Da Vinci Academy for the Gifted and Talented, one of the best schools in Harlem, their grades are slipping, and Mr. Culpepper, the assistant principal, is ready to be rid of them. When the school starts a unit on the Civil War, and Culpepper splits students into Union and Confederate sympathizers, Zander and his crew are given a charge—to negotiate a peace between both sides before the war actually breaks out.

That’s when Zander and his friends come up with the idea to launch an alternative school newspaper called The Cruiser. The result is nothing they could have expected and everything they could have hoped for.

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