Haiku Egg Hunt Highlights

Palisades Library

Haiku Egg Hunt Highlights

On Saturday, April 23, 20 children hurried around corners and into the meeting rooms. But they weren't looking for books. They were looking for eggs.

As part of the Palisades Library celebration of spring, several colorful plastic eggs were hidden all around the second floor of the library. Even though it was raining outside, participants were able to uncover eggs that held candy and haiku poems. The poems were a combination of traditional Japanese Haiku poems, such as those by Issa, and an assortment of new poems by modern haiku masters such as An'ya.

 girl places an egg in her bagShe found the golden egg.











Young and old found eggs in high and low places.  These two girls, for example, had great fun finding eggs. Several of the participants read the poems afterwards as they ate the candy with their parents. It was a day not only for celebration of spring, but celebration of poetry.

--by Jess Stork