Book Review

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Book Review

Big Horse and a Little Horse

This book, appropriate for ages 3 to 8, is about Einstein, the smallest stallion.  He was born to two miniature horses. When he was born, Einstein weighed less than a cat, and he was no taller than a cereal box.  He is a miniature horse. 

Despite being tiny, he is a horse like any other. Einstein loves being a horse and wants to join the others as they trot, hop, gallop and also lie in the warm sun.  As much as he would like to run and play with the other miniature horses, he just isn’t the right size to play with the full-sized horses.  

Therefore, he goes in search of a perfect playmate. His new playmate is a dog named Lille. The book is based on a true animal friendship.  It will bring joy to nature lovers of all ages.  The book teaches good values, has great pictures, and it will hold children’s attention.  It is easy to read and understand. The book features full-sized color pictures of the little stallion and other adorable creatures.