Mother Goose Video Series

Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Library

Mother Goose Video Series

Our Mother Goose on the Loose children's program is more popular than ever.  Every Friday we see nearly 200 parents, caregivers and children for our 10 and 11 a.m. programs.  It's always an amazing and happy sight to see. 

However, many of the people who come to Mother Goose do not know the rhymes and songs that we sing.  Some of them were not raised with these songs, some of them are not native speakers of English, and some of them just haven't heard them in so long that they have completely forgotten them. 

So to help everyone in learning the rhymes and songs for our program, the staff here at Watha T. Daniel have produced a series of YouTube videos of the most frequently used rhymes in the program.  This doesn't cover all of them, but we have more videos coming down the road. 

Each video has the staff performing the rhyme at the same speed we would do in the program.  Shorter rhymes are performed twice and longer songs are done once. Each video also includes closed captioning, so you can see the text of the rhyme in real time as we are speaking. Just click the "CC" button at the bottom of the YouTube window to get the caption track.

You can check out all of our Mother Goose Video Series on the library website.  But here's a little preview from the series:


Mother Goose Series: Clap Games