Book Club to Discuss Philip Roth's Latest

Georgetown Library

Book Club to Discuss Philip Roth's Latest

Philip Roth just won the Nemesis book cover2011 Man Booker International Prize, and our book club will be having a timely discussion of his latest novel, Nemesis, on Thursday, June 16, at 7:30 p.m. 

Nemesis tells the World War II-era story of Bucky, a young man who cannot fight alongside his peers because of his poor eyesight.  When a crippling polio epidemic hits his New Jersey town, he wages a private war against the disease that takes on overtones of his country's struggle.  

The Man Booker International Prize recognizes writers for achievement in fiction while appraising the whole of their work, somewhat like a lifetime achievement award.  Roth has been writing fiction for 50 years and is best known for his series of novels about Nathan Zuckerman, including American Pastoral, The Human Stain, I Married a Communist and Exit Ghost. 

To join our discussion, stop by the second floor reference desk for a copy of Nemesis.