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Gleek Out

Eric Gleeking OutThis is where I admit that I have been completely obsessed with Glee, and am going to miss the singing and dancing shenanigans of the Glee kids until they return this fall. The drama and the love triangles are all very fun, but the best part of this show is the music.  And when I say it’s the music, it’s not just the incredible performances from the actors in the show, though they are amazingly talented. I mean that the music that they choose for the show is just absolutely perfect.  The songs are loaded with passion, meaning and the spirit of striving to be more that everyone needs in their life.

One of the great things that Glee has done for me is to open me up to songs I would never have listened to otherwise.  Sure, I have listened to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours on repeat since I was in high school, and I can belt out all the Madonna and Lady Gaga numbers right along with them.  But there were so many performances where I turned to someone and asked, “Who did that song?” or “What musical was that song from?”  Thank goodness for Wikipedia for compiling comprehensive lists of every song sung on Glee Season 1 and Season 2.   Here are a few highlights from the original artists in the library collection.

Abba Amy Winehouse Aretha Franklin
Barbra Streisand Beyonce Britney Spears
Chicago (Musical) Christina Aguilera Destiny's Child
Dionne Warwick Dreamgirls (Musical) Evita (Musical)
Fleetwood Mac Florence + The Machine Funny Girl (Musical)
James Brown Jay-Z Justin Bieber
Katy Perry Ke$ha Lady Gaga
Les Miserables (Musical) Lily Allen Madonna
Maroon 5 Michael Buble Michael Jackson
My Chemical Romance My Fair Lady (Musical) Otis Redding
Rent (Musical) Rocky Horror Picture Show (Musical) Sammy Davis, Jr.
West Side Story (Musical) Whitney Houston Wicked (Musical)


-- Eric Riley