The Great Readoff: Can You Read More Than a Librarian?

Palisades Library

The Great Readoff: Can You Read More Than a Librarian?

Girl on Globe In a galaxy far, far away, there were two librarians who challenged the vast empire of talented readers at their library to a summer reading duel. The two children's librarians, Colleen and Jess, put out a call to all readers at the Palisades Neighborhood Library to sign up for summer reading.

If individual readers from this vast empire should happen to read more than the librarians this summer, it has been written that they will be invited to a lavish party at the end of the summer. This party will celebrate their accomplishments as highly esteemed readers in the summer reading program.

To be fair, the librarians pledged to post their reading logs on the front of their desks, so that any competing readers could compare how she or he was doing against the library opponents. To defeat their opponents, readers must bring in their passport at the end of the summer for admission to the party. The librarians challenge participants to throw reading into hyper drive this summer.

-- Miss Jess