Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Takoma Park Library

Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Honey the dogPhoto of Honey the dog and a girl at the library






From Honey's Diary, Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Tidbits about Me (in no particular order)

  1. I turned two on Saturday! Happy Birthday to me… Arf. Arf. Arf.
  2. I’m a people-pooch (the dog version of a people-person).
  3. I am working on a children’s book called Hey, Honey!
  4. I am an English Bullldog.
  5. My trainer’s name is Hedda.
  6. I have auditioned for a dog food commercial.
  7. Tonight was my first time at the Takoma Park Library.
  8. I recently became a PAL dog.
  9. My pet name is Honey-Bunny.
  10. My pre-adoption name was Mocha.

I am sweet like honey. I am not sticky like honey! Miss Julie told me that there is a book called Happy and Honey by Laura Godwin; however, Honey is a cat, and Happy is a dog. And there is another book called Honey Bunny’s Honey Bear by Marilyn Sadler; however, Honey is a rabbit, not a dog like me. Miss Julie knows a lot about books. I hope one day she’ll read my book to lots and lots of children!

In the heat of the D.C. summers, I skip away to the countryside whenever I get a chance. However, I got some new ideas from listening to Clifford Keeps Cool by Norman Bridwell.

I also enjoyed looking at the beautiful paintings in Spot a Dog by Lucy Micklethwait. The Smithsonian doesn’t allow dogs, so I have to appreciate art elsewhere.


Photo of Honey the dog and a girl at the libraryPhoto of Honey the dog and a family at the library