A Call for Recipes

Takoma Park Library

A Call for Recipes

The Takoma Park Neighborhood Library turns 100 this November! We're going to be doing a lot to celebrate. 

First, we'd like to put together a cookbook full of recipes from Takoma residents.  If you've lived in the neighborhood before, live here now or work(ed) here, please send us one of your best recipes to include in our book.  (We won't ask you for your top secret recipe. Just something good that you like to make.)  We'll put the book together, and our Friends of the Library will have copies available for sale this winter to benefit the library.

If you have any memories or anecdotes about your Takoma Library over the years, let us know those as well!  You can stop by and fill out a form, or send an e-mail to heather.petsche@dc.gov.  We'd love to have our submissions in by the end of July.

Look for more announcements and program information coming up soon for our centennial celebration.