Holidays off the Beaten Path

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Holidays off the Beaten Path

Fireworks make us loud and proud, but Independence Day is just one of the many holidays we can celebrate in July.  Learn about some of the weird holidays that happen this month by clicking on the links below, and see if they make as a big a BOOM in your life as the fireworks on the Fourth.

July 3 – Stay Out of the Sun Day

July 6 – Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

July 7 – Bonza Bottler Day

July 7Tell the Truth Day

July 8 – SCUD Day (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama)

July 10 – Don’t Step on a Bee Day

July 13 – Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13 – Gruntled Workers Day

July 15 – Be a Dork Day

July 16 – National Woodie Wagon Day

July 16 – Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day

July 18 – Global Hug Your Kids Day

July 18 – Mandela Day

July 23 – Gorgeous Grandma Day

July 23 – Hot Enough for Ya Day

July 27 – Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day

July 27 – Walk on Stilts Day

All holiday information is taken from Chase’s Calendar of Events, 2011 Edition.

--by Brandon Digwood