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ShoeIt’s summer time, ladies, which is the perfect time to grab a daiquiri, kick off your flip-flops, and relax on your lounger with your fave chick lit.

Hmm … sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter), but what is chick lit? According to Chick Lit USA, the term refers to modern literature for women -- that is written about late 20- and 30-something singles (aka singletons) as they search for the perfect partner.

Chic Lit, for the most part, is different from the “standard” romance novel (there are always exceptions) in that it reflects the lives of everyday working young women and men. Chick Lit or Chic Fic (as it is sometimes called) gives fresh insight into relationships and a humorous account into the way women deal with them. You will find these books funny, witty, entertaining and relaxing.

So now that you know what it is, let me give you a few “hot” chick lit authors to check out!

Chick lit works great for afternoon reading, but what about those lazy summer evenings when you just don’t feel like reading? Well chick lit also comes in a film format that I’m sure you’re familiar with – the good old "chick flick."

Here’s a few good ones to get you started on a great chick flick marathon. (Warning: these movies may require copious amounts of Kleenex and/or ice cream.)