Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Takoma Park Library

Doggie Diaries: Adventures at the Library

Photo of Ella the dogPhoto of Ella the dog and a boy reading at the library





From Ella's Diary Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simply gorgeous! That’s how one woman described me this evening. ‘Tis true, I am the hostess with the mostest! Tee hee -- modestly yours. Currently I am attending to some very lovely houseguests. And I do enjoy the extra attention. They have graciously accompanied me on some of my PAL  outings. They are enjoyable companions.

I must say, the intense heat in the city of late makes for a very unladylike presentation. My hair is uncoiffable, and extra clothing is a bit of a nuisance. Despite the heat, I do make a point of not drinking out of public water fountains. I prefer to opt for hand to mouth service. A lady must remain a lady, even in the unbearable heat of summer.

Stories took my mind off the heat for a bit. I enjoyed hearing about that helpful little feline in Honey Helps by Laura Godwin, and I couldn’t help but giggle when I listened to Tiny Goes to Camp by Cari Meister. I am not much of an outdoors sort of girl myself, so it is delightful to experience nature through others. I always enjoy a good read by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, and I was not disappointed with Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories.
Kindly excuse me as I must lie down under the ceiling fan for a moment to catch my breath before my afternoon stroll. ¡Qué calor!

Au revoir mes amis!

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Photo of Ella the dog listening to a family read at the libraryPhoto of Ella the dog and a new friend at the library